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1How often should I backwash my pool?
A pool owner should backwash their pool when the filter pressure is 15psi over its initial reading at pool opening.
2How do I know if my pool has a leak?
A good way to determine if your pool has a leak is by doing what's called the Bucket Test. This is done by filling a bucket two-thirds of the way with pool water and placing it on the highest step in your pool that's still underwater. Mark the water level inside the bucket and outside with a piece of tape or marker. Come back in 24-48 hours and if both water levels decreased the same amount, evaporation is likely the cause of missing water. If the pool level decreased more than the bucket level, a leak is likely the cause at which point it's crucial to contact a professional.
3When will you be out there and how long will it take?
We try to be at the job site within 2-5 business days unless an exception is made. Pool owners are not required to be present during our visits, but are required to give us access to the pool. How long the job will take depends on the project itself and is always on a case-by-case basis.
4Should I Winterize my pool?
Yes, yes, and yes! Getting your pool ready for winter is the safest way to make sure it remains undamaged during the cold winter months and is ready for a spring opening.

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