Automation Installation and Repair

Automation Installation and Repair

For a completely hands-off swimming pool experience, Aqua is eager to set up an automated system for your pool. With an automated system controlling the schedule and operation of your filtration systems, heating, lighting, and even sanitation requirements, your pool experience will be made much easier. With simple controllers and remotes designed specifically for ease-of-use, automation may be the thing you’ve been waiting for.

Automated control is great for vacation homes or pool owners who are away for long periods of time. Most pieces of automated equipment have smartphone, tablet, or PC adaptability so you can take control wherever you are. Another great benefit of this technology is that the flexibility makes sure that equipment is running at peak performance and uses the minimum amount of energy. Together, you and an Aqua Pool technician can go over all of the specific details and decide whether an automated pool installation is for you.

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