Swimming Pool Closings

So you own a residential or commercial pool and have had yet another fantastic summer with satisfied patrons all season long but it’s time to close up for the winter. Aqua Pool offers 3 convenient packages designed to close a pool of any size.

Winterize Full Closing

With this package you can expect us to winterize pool filtration equipment and piping to ensure no cracks or imperfections come opening time. We also remove ladders, diving boards, handrails, and store the equipment on the owner’s premises. In addition to this, we will install the pool cover correctly and efficiently to provide protection during the winter months. Keep in mind, winterizing chemicals are not included and customers are required to drain pool water to the proper level before the arrival of the Aqua Pool technician.

Winterize Partial Closing

With this package we will winterize your piping and filtration system, remove ladders, diving boards, and hand rails and store them on the premises of the owner. Customers are to bear in mind that chemicals are not included in this package and that the pool must be drained to the proper level prior to the technician's arrival.

Blow and Plug Closing

This package only includes the blowing and plugging of lines. With this, the pool must be ready for closing and the cover may be on the pool when our technicians arrive. Winterizing chemicals are not included in this package and pool water must be drained to the appropriate level before the arrival of our technicians.


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